Episode 50 – GOLD

Commemorating our 50th episode with a Gold celebration! Something a bit different this week, as we take a look back at the past 49 episodes through gold-coloured glasses. Steve, Dave, Jorge, Mike and Liam will vote through a long (!!!) series of podcast-centric categories, before the Meta Gold and Final Gold rounds, for not real point other than to present the EBP Gold AwardTM to the winning category!

The categories are:

  • Online team shooter
  • Realistic online shootan
  • Flying is fun
  • Get your friends around
  • Don’t get your friends around
  • Sports games for serious people
  • Car games for serious people
  • Real-life silly podcast happenings
  • Open worlds
  • RPG central, roll for boredom
  • Things that are rumoured to go on outside and are popular
  • Hey, that’s a pretty simulation
  • New ways to get games
  • Best bits of the Podcast
  • Ways that buying games has changed
  • What did you like talking about the best
  • Worst Gaming Trends
  • Best Gaming Trends

If you make it through this episode, we’ll award you an EBP Gold Listener thank you!

Next week we’ll be resuming our regular look at the video games news and speculation leading into the most interesting period in gaming for quite some time.

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