Episode 59 – The End is the Beginning

As we bring a close to Season 5, TV Dave joins Game Pass crew, Mike loves Tetris Effect: Connected on his new PC, Liam still loves Hades and the beach, Jorge keeps on truckin, Steve is up and running on his new PC finally. Left4Dead2 was our #multiplayer-mondays game this week.

We also talk about a lot of games picked up over the Black Friday sales, Game Pass, the hardware stock woes continue into the second straight month, will it ever change?! Listen in to find out.

Thanks to everyone who’s listened so far this year! Look forward to our GOTY episode in a couple of weeks time, and a few ad hoc episodes in January, probably talking about Cyberpunk, let’s be honest.

We’d love to hear from you at any of our contact points, but especially in our Discord, and hope you have a great holiday season!

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Opening theme: Escape from an Unknown Planet by Senbei.

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