Episode 1 – Conquerization

Green lit from α to β.

Join Steve & Mike in the debut episode of The Eternal Beta Podcast. A podcast with lots of discussion, trips down “videogame” memory lane and arguments about everything related to PC gaming.

Episode Breakdown:
  • In this premiere episode Steve and Mike discuss their personal history of PC gaming; from early home IBMs, George Street internet cafes and Sierra games to their current rigs and games.
  • We say a heart filled and moving goodbye to Steve’s GFX card.                RIP Steve’s GFX card.
  • Steve explores the Microsoft games shop, and we discuss how we manage our game lists and backlogs.
  • Steve tries to get across the reality of VR gaming to Mike.
  • Mike lucks through the launch of Total War: Warhammer.
  • We enter the “freaky deaky sex world” of the Witcher series, as Steve plays Witcher 2 and Mike plays Witcher 3.
  • Mikes adds Factorio to fuel his game addiction and OCD issues. Steve acts as councillor.

The podcast that is always and will forever be in an eternal β.

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