Episode 31 – Levels

EBP returns to normal this week with Steve, TV Dave and Jeff breaking down all the latest in the world of pc gaming.

There’s no way we could match the excitement of last week’s episode, so we didn’t even try.

Join us for a chillaxed session and a whole bunch of topics from the gaming scene.

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Opening theme: Escape from an Unknown Planet by Senbei.

Episode 25 – Heat

It’s really hot you guys

This week our rag tag bunch of gaming buddies sweat our arses off and talk about:

  • What we did last summer
  • Jamie played the The Divison with mouse and keyboard
  • Holiday sales and subscription gaming services
  • Steve craps on about Steam Link and Controller for a while
  • Are Nintendo likely to make us Switch?
  • Dave games all of his games
  • AGDQ and raising money for charity by playing games
  • Steve thinks he’s good at Civ VI
  • Will there ever be a good video game base movie?
  • It’s really hot
  • Insurgency gets a look in, as does Depth

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Steam: Steve  | Dave | Jamie

Opening theme: Escape from an Unknown Planet by Senbei.

Episode 13 – Allegedly

Episode 13 – Allegedly.

“Allegedly”Steve makes all of us hang out and be friends.

Allegedly on this week’s Eternal Beta podcast, Dustin “Jugs” makes his first appearance and we play “Gettin’ to know you”. The EB pod debuts its Brand New “Gameshow based” segment GGWP.  (We can’t call it by its full name.) Allegedly! And there is a sweet prize (Allegedly.)

Luke joins us for his second appearance,  and makes us feel old by showing his age. But Dustin and Luke make a connection with their love of Runescape. (Link to Luke’s Runescape post.)

On this weeks pod we talk adventure games, with mentions to the past with Sierra games, and all the way to modern adventure games from Telltale. Dustin takes us on a tour of his rig and tells us his MegaCD win.

We have a go at the Battlefield One open Beta. Mike plays it, and no one cares what he has to say with his bias views.

We have a very. very, very quick look at No Mans Sky and Pokemon news. We promise its quick. And we talk what we have been playing.

All this plus a whole bunch more on the Eternal Beta Podcast. (Allegedly!!!)

Alleged Episode Breakdown:

  • Dustin plays “Gettin’ to Know you.”
  • Adventure game talk: Sierra games, Telltale and humble bundle current bundle.
  • Dustin’s rig talk.
  • Battlefield One Beta talk.
  • What we have been playing: Alien Isolation, Assetto Corsa, Dirty Bomb and Tex Murphy. And MegaCD win.
  • Quick No Man Sky and Pokemon news.
  • Gameshow :GGWP.
  • Game Mentions: Runescape, Batlefield One, Paratroops, Squad ,Dragon Age, Alien Isolation Assetto Corsa and Tex Murphy.

The podcast that’s always and will forever be in an eternal β. Allegedly

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Opening theme: Escape from an Unknown Planet by Senbei.